Diamond CP-8040 Dual Band HF Vertical Antenna


The Diamond CP-8040 is a dual band high frequency vertical antenna.


This antenna is great for small spaces, as it is compact and lightweight. It’s easy to assemble and self-supported, so there’s no need for any guy wires. You can concentrate the trap radials in one direction, which makes it especially suitable for balconies or windows of condos and urban apartments. In addition, this model has a direct DC ground at the feed point, which helps protect coaxial cables and transceivers from lightning-caused high voltage.

The adjustable centre frequencies of the antenna in each band are simple to change, with variations in radial length and capacitive hat (80 m only). The top-loading structure with its capactive hat grants performance comparable to full quarter wave length antennas – and is robust enough to take wind pressures up to 35m/sec. Mast brackets can accept pipes of between 1 1/5″ and 2 1/3″ diameter, while the support pipe covering the feeding point ensures superb waterproofing.


Dual Band80 and 40 M
Power200 W (SSB)
VSWRLess than 1.5
Impedance50 Ohms
Length6.53 m
Weight4.1 kg
Rated Wind Velocity35 m/sec
Mast Diameter Accepted30 mm to 62 mm


Additional information

Weight10 kg