Diamond CP-6SR Vertical HF Antenna


Diamond multiband vertical HF antenna with shortened radials for 6, 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 m. Total height only 4.8 m, length of radials 1.8 m. Usual high-quality finish and easy mounting, as known by Diamond products.


The radials can be installed on one side only if space restriction requires. The radiator of the CP-6 is DC-grounded which gives a good protection against static charges and nearby lightnings.

Please note the variants of the 80 m radial. The new “S” version includes material which allows an isolated installation of the antenna to the mast. This reduces the influence of the mast to resonance of the radials, which in turn eases the tuning of the radials. For the same reason a short cable with a choke is included in the shipment.

The standard 80 m radial is tuned to around the lower end of the 80 m band, i.e. the CW DX range from approx. 3490 to 3520 kHz. This radial can be tuned up to 3550 kHz. Optional 80 m radial for 3575 to 3650 kHz for CP-6. For a better resonance match in the upper CW range, digimodes range and lower SSB range. Replaces the supplied standard radial.

Additional information

Weight10 kg