Diamond AZ-507FX Dual Band Mobile Whip Antenna


Enhance your mobile communication experience with the Diamond AZ-507FX Dual Band Mobile Whip Antenna. Designed for all radio enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance, this antenna operates flawlessly across frequencies of 144/430 MHz (2 m/70 cm).


Crafted with precision and expertise, the antenna measures at a length of 0.75 m and weighs a mere 120 g, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality. Its impressive gain capabilities include an astounding 2.15 dBi at 144 MHz and an enviable 4.9 dBi at 430 MHz. Engineered to handle power ratings up to an impressive 50 W FM (Total), this versatile antenna is built to withstand demanding usage scenarios while delivering clear and reliable communication signals every time.

The Diamond AZ-507FX boasts an impedance of 50 Ohms, guaranteeing seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices for hassle-free integration into your existing setup.Featuring the trusted MP connector, connecting this antenna to your device is effortless —no need to worry about complicated setups or compatibility issues.



Weight 120 g
Length 0.75 m
Connector MP
Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Power Rating 50 W FM (Total)
Gain 2.15 dBi (144 MHz), 4.9 dBi (430 MHz)
Type 1/2 wave radial less (144 MHz), 2 x 5/8 wave radial less (430 MHz)

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Weight 0.5 kg