Diamond AZ-506 Dual Band Mobile Antenna


Upgrade your mobile communication experience with the Diamond AZ-506 Dual Band Mobile Antenna. This antenna operates on frequencies 144/430 MHz (2 m/70 cm), ensuring seamless connectivity in any environment.


With a length of just 0.67 meters and weighing only 100 grams, this lightweight antenna offers convenience without compromising on power. Experience exceptional signal strength with a gain of 2.5 dBi at 144 MHz and an impressive boost to 4.5 dBi at 430 MHz, guaranteeing reliable reception even in challenging conditions.

The Diamond AZ-506 can handle up to a remarkable 50 W FM power rating, providing ample transmitting capabilities for your communication needs. Its impedance of 50 Ohms ensures efficient signal transfer while minimizing loss, resulting in crystal-clear audio quality during every conversation. Equipped with the MP connector, connecting this antenna to your device is quick and effortless.



Weight100 g
Length0.67 m
Impedance50 Ohms
Max Power Rating50 W FM (Total)
Gain2.15 dBi (144 MHz), 4.5 dBi (430 MHz)
Type3/8 wave (144 MHz), 3/4 wave (430 MHz)

Additional information

Weight7 kg