Diamond AZ-504FX 2 m / 70 cm Mobile Whip Antenna


The Diamond AZ-504FX is an ideal antenna for those scenarios where size and portability matter the most, such as in company vehicles. It boasts a compact design which makes it highly convenient to use.


Upgrade your mobile communications with the Diamond AZ-504FX Antenna. This versatile 2 m / 70 cm Mobile Whip Antenna is expertly designed to deliver crystal-clear reception across a wide frequency range of 144 MHz – 430 MHz. This antenna boasts a fitting base PL-259 and can handle an impressive power output of up to 50 Watts. With its compact length of just 0.39 m, it easily fits into any setup without sacrificing performance.

Equipped with an M-P connector, connecting the Diamond AZ-504FX Antenna is a breeze. Experience enhanced signal strength and reliability as it effortlessly amplifies your transmissions by offering a gain of 2.15 dB on the vital frequency band of 430 MHz. With its universal compatibility and exceptional performance capabilities, this diamond in the rough ensures that you’ll never miss out on important communications again.



Length0.39 m
Gain2.15 dB on 430 MHz
Power50 Watts
Frequency144 MHz – 430 MHz
FittingBase PL-259

Additional information

Weight7 kg