Diamond AS-603 – Tripod Mast Stand


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The AS603 is a tripod mast stand compatible with Diamond antenna poles DAP450 and DAP600. Easy to set up without any tools. Includes two dedicated adaptors – for the Diamond DAP450 (pipe diameter: ø34 mm) and Diamond DAP600 (piper diameter: ø42 mm). Made from lightweight aluminium and reinforced plastic. 

  • Length: 0.93 m (folding)
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 20 kg (when horizontally setting and no wind)
  • Maximum Legs Spread Width: 1 m 
  • Compatible Antenna Poles: Diamond DAP450/DAP600 – ø34 mm and ø42 mm adaptors are included

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Weight3 kg