Diamond A144S10R 2 Metre 10 Element Yagi


Daimond, the renowned Japanese firm, has unveiled their new Diamond A144S10R directional antenna for the 2-meter band.

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The Diamond A144S10R has an antenna gain of 11.6 dBi, making it perfect for communications using tropospheric transmission and Aurora. Its wide range of operating frequencies and ability to be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical plane make it ideal for FM operation as well. Plus, its optimal length makes the antenna perfect for base stations or any field day function where high performance is necessary.


Diamond A144S10R 2 Metre 10 Element Yagi



Gain 11.6 dBi
Elements 10
Power 100 W
Socket SO239
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency 144 – 146 MHz
Front-to-Back Ratio >15 dB
Weight 1.1 kg
Boom Length 2.13 m
Turning Radius 1.45 m
Mast Size 25 – 47 mm
Wind Surface Area 0.16 m2
Dimension 2130 x 1090 x 73 mm


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