CW Computer USB Interface Cable 6.35 mm Jack


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This is a high-quality CW computer interface cable which is wired with a 6.35 mm CW plug, and an in-line USB interface fitted with the USB connector. This is a complete unit to be used with your radio connected directly to the computer via USB port. In effect, it enables you to safely connect your transceiver directly to your PC and operate CW by using a selection of HAM programmes. Components are of the highest quality and the cable underwent the stringent quality control and inspection standards. This cable features fully isolated computer ground circuit, unlike other interfaces that require extra ground screws, extra wires, and extra cables in an attempt to eliminate ground loops. Simply download and install the software that you want to try, plug in the supplied cable, and you are set. There is a lot of CW programs can be found on the Internet. Most of these are «freeware» or «shareware» and in many cases provide a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams!


  • Compatible with any radio having 6.35 mm CW jack.
  • Works with every present or future HAM radio CW compatible software.
  • Advanced circuit design and cable shielding for RFI product suppression.
  • Optical isolation of CW signal through the internal optocoupler.
  • Compatible with Windows 98ME / SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 and Mac OS.
  • Length – 1.5 m

Complete set of drivers is available at