CRT 2000 Mobile CB Transceiver


Introducing the CRT 2000 Mobile CB Transceiver – a compact yet powerful radio that packs a punch with its extensive features. This rugged CB radio is designed for on-the-go use and comes equipped with a large colour multifunction display, making it easy to navigate and operate.


One standout feature of the CRT 2000 is its CTCSS capability, allowing for private one-to-one communication without interference from distant stations on the channel. Additionally, this transceiver is software programmable for a range of features (software and lead sold separately), offering customization options to suit your needs.

Ideal for both trucks and cars, the CRT 2000 boasts dual voltage compatibility (12/24 volts) for versatile use in different vehicles. Some key features include AM/FM European multi-band modes, 4 watts of power for both AM and FM, 40 channels, 4 memory channels, manual or automatic squelch (ASQ), 8 variations of roger beep, RF gain control with 10 attenuation levels, and much more.

With features like a DTMF encoder for activating repeaters and internet gateways, noise filters, SWR test function, scan function, and direct access to channel 9/1, the CRT 2000 is a comprehensive solution for your CB radio needs. The device also offers a large colour display for easy visibility, displaying RX signal, TX power, channel number or frequency, and voltage information.

Compact in size at 122 x 165 x 35 mm and lightweight at 480 grams, the CRT 2000 is a versatile and reliable mobile CB transceiver that covers various regions and can be personalized through software programming. Get ready to experience unparalleled communication capabilities with the CRT 2000 Mobile CB Transceiver.


ModeAM/FM European Multinorms
Power4 Watts AM / 4 Watts FM
Input Voltage12 Volts
Memories4 channels
RF GAINOff / Auto + 10 attenuation levels
Roger Beep8 setting possibility
Filters NB / HI CUTNoise filters
TOT FunctionTime out timer
SCAN FunctionAutomatic search for busy channel
Various FunctionsDirect access to channel 9/19 + usual norm can be selected by menu + volume control + SWR test function + auto power on
BonusBacklit keys + jack plug for external loudspeaker + 6 functions keys PF1 to PF6 with 3 functions each + menu order can be personalized
MikeUP / DOWN selection
DisplayLarge colour multifunction display
Level DisplayRX signal + TX power + channel number or frequency + voltage + usual norm EU / CE / UK / PL / I2 / DE / PL + various functions
Size122 x 165  x 35 mm
Weight480 g


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