Cronus CCS-1D3 Desktop Charger Cup for KR-595


  • Replacement Charger Cup for Handheld Radio
  • Suitable to Cronus KR595 Radio
  • Reduces Wear on the Side Charging Port


Replacement charger cup to suit Cronus KR595 radio.

This allows users to simply place their handheld radio on the dock to charge instead of using the Micro USB port on the side of the Radio. It benefits to use the dock as this reduces wear and tear on the side charging port.

On the rear of the charging dock is a Micro USB Port so please retain your Micro USB cable & charging plug to assist in using this dock as these two items are not included.

Note: Clients should not have the radio in the dock permanently, for example on a desk just to listen for several days/weeks, this can result in damage of the Power Management IC chip inside the radio due to the constant voltage it is rejecting once it is at 100%. If this occurs you are required to remove the battery and reinsert it. However, on occasions, the IC chip could have full failure causing the radio not to power up. This is not a safety risk and is never a fire/explosion risk. The base is simply doing its job in protecting against such things!

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Weight 0.5 kg