Create CLP-5130-2N Log Periodic Antenna


Japanese Log Periodic antennas provide high gains across a broad frequency range, with a superior and durable build. They have become the choice of many MOD and commercial users for their ability to direct and capture strong signals, through the well-established Log Periodic design.


Introducing the Create CLP-5130-2N Log Periodic Antenna, a versatile powerhouse engineered to meet your communication needs across a wide frequency range. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this log periodic antenna operates seamlessly for both transmitting and receiving signals within the 105-1300MHz spectrum.

With a sturdy 2.0m boom length and longest element, this antenna ensures optimal performance even in demanding environments. Boasting an impressive 11dBi gain, it amplifies signal strength effectively, enhancing communication reliability. Equipped with a VSWR ratio of 2:1 or better across the entire frequency range, you can trust in consistently clear connections.

These antennas are equipped to send out signals on amateur frequency bands from 6 metres to 23 centimetres, with a maximum of 500 Watts of RF power. Furthermore, they can be used for a variety of applications, such as Wideband scanning receivers, VHF/UHF TV, FM broadcast, Aviation purposes, Government communications and Business radio.

CLP-5130-2N 105 MHZ to 1300 MHZ Log Periodic CLP-5130-2N 105 MHZ to 1300 MHZ Log Periodic

The CLP-5130-2N handles power up to 500 Watts, ensuring robust transmission capabilities without compromise. Its high-quality N-type socket provides a reliable connection for seamless integration into your setup. Despite its powerful performance, this antenna remains lightweight at just 4.5kg, facilitating easy installation and mobility.

Whether you’re in need of reliable communication for amateur radio, broadcasting, or other applications, the Create CLP-5130-2N Log Periodic Antenna delivers unparalleled performance and durability, making it the ideal choice for your communication endeavors.


Gain 11 dBi
Power 500 Watts
Boom Length 2.0 m
Longest Element 2.0 m
Weight 4.5 kg
Receive Frequency 105 – 1300 MHz
Transmit Frequency 105 – 1300 MHz
VSWR 2:1 > or better over whole spectrum
Connection Fly lead with high quality N-type socket

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Weight 4.8 kg