Copper 900M-T Soldering Iron Tip


This soldering iron tip is not only does it no harm to human body but also it doesn’t exert any bad influence on ecological system. It is safe to use.

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The solder iron tip is made of solid copper, adopting alloy plating on the outer layer and double nickel plating process, featuring fast thermal conductivity and good electrolytic performance, which is corrosion proof and anti rust, serving you for a long time.


Product Usage

Model C900M-T
Weight 20.7 g
Inner Diameter 4.6 mm
Material Pure Copper

The tip is designed to weld the horn to the plastic. High-purity copper, non-magnetic welding, more environmentally friendly and convenient to use.


Multiple Models

There are total five common specifications for this type of soldering tip: T-SK, T-I, T-IS, T-3C and T-K. It is applicable to 900 series so that it can meet the needs of people in all kinds of scenarios.

The soldering iron needle tip can be applied for various occasions, such as welding of electronic components, factory maintenance, home appliance repair, maintenance of circuit main board and so on.



Tips is coated with PVD outside the soldering tip. Due to this outstanding feature, it has a better absorbing effect on tin, thereby tending to be more pliable and making the soldering wok become easier.

The hard core of the soldering iron tip consists of pure copper, which drastically enhance thermal conductivity to a great degree. In consequence, the rate of heating can be unbelievably boosted.

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