Comet SB4 Mobile Antenna


Enhance your communication capabilities and stay connected with the Comet SB4 Mobile Antenna. This dual-band antenna operates on both 144 MHz and 430 MHz frequencies, ensuring optimized performance across various radio applications.

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Designed for professional users seeking top-notch signal reception, the Comet SB4 boasts impressive specifications. With a gain of 3.0 dBi on 144 MHz utilizing a half-wave non-radial design, it delivers exceptional clarity for excellent long-range communications.

For higher frequency bands, the antenna’s two-stage non-radial construction provides an impressive gain of 5.5 dBi on 430 MHz – perfect for improving your reception in demanding environments where every signal counts.

Engineered to handle up to 60 watts (FM), this mobile antenna ensures reliable transmission without sacrificing its compact size or sleek design. At just 0.92 meters in length, it offers convenience and ease of use wherever you go.


Mass135 g
Length0.92 m
Frequency100 – 170 MHz, 350 – 470 MHz
Gain 144 MHz: 3.0 dBi (1 / 2λ non-radial)

430 MHz: 5.5 dBi (5 / 8λ 2-stage non-radial)

Input Resistance60 W (FM)

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Weight7 kg