Comet RS720 Trunk / Hatchback Mount


Discover the Comet RS720 Trunk/Hatchback Mount – a versatile solution for securing gear on the move. With its dial lock mechanism and adjustable angles, ensure your belongings are safe and stable during transit.


Introducing the Comet RS720 Trunk/Hatchback Mount, your reliable solution for securing gear on the go. Designed to fit snugly onto medium-sized trunk or hatchback bases, this mount boasts dimensions of 64mm in height and 53mm in width, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Equipped with a sophisticated dial lock mechanism, the Comet RS720 offers peace of mind by securely fastening your equipment in place. No need to worry about sudden movements or jostling during transit.

Moreover, its two variable angle mechanisms provide unparalleled versatility, allowing you to adjust the mount to your preferred viewing angle or positioning requirement with ease. Whether you’re transporting bicycles, luggage, or any other gear, the Comet RS720 Trunk/Hatchback Mount ensures a safe and stable journey every time.

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