Comet HFJ-L 1.8/1.9 – 160M Band Extension Coil for HFJ-350M


Presenting the Comet HFJ-L 1.8/1.9 – 160M Band Extension Coil for HFJ-350M, designed to elevate your amateur radio experience to new heights. This exceptional product takes communication capabilities farther than ever before, making it a must-have for all enthusiasts.

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Unlocking a world of possibilities, our Comet HFJ-L 1.8/1.9 enables an effortless extension from MF band right up to the bottom of the coveted 160 m range while effortlessly covering every inch of the impressive 1.9 MHz frequency spectrum.

Crafted with meticulous precision, this coil boasts unrivaled quality and seamless integration into your existing HFJ-350M setup, offering a user-friendly and versatile solution that adapts flawlessly to any scenario.

With its generous total length of 1920 mm alongside a compact length of just 255 mm, our Comet HFJ-L ensures optimal convenience without compromising performance. Weighing in at a mere 145 g, this lightweight superstar seamlessly amplifies output power and enhances your overall transmitting efficiency.

Utilizing its maximum peak of an astonishingly robust 100 W (50 W average), this extension coil guarantees powerful transmission with unwavering reliability across various terrains and atmospheric conditions—all achieved through advanced engineering techniques perfected by industry-leading experts.


  • Weight: 145 g
  • Length: 255 mm
  • MAX: 100W (peak) 50W (ave)
  • Frequency: 1.8 MHz / 1.9 MHz
  • Total Length with HFJ-350M: 1920 mm (max)

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