Comet GP-5M Base Antenna for 144/430MHZ


Introducing the Comet GP-5M Base Antenna, engineered for exceptional performance across the 144/430MHz frequency bands. Built upon an advanced mechanism developed by Comet, this antenna delivers superior gain for dual banders and triple banders, making it an ideal choice for amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Featuring an innovative air-core type shaping element phase system and a phosphor bronze element, the Comet GP-5M minimizes loss at the peak of conventional phase conversion, ensuring maximum signal strength and clarity.

With a frequency/gain of 6.0 dBi for 144 MHz and 8.6 dBi for 430 MHz, this antenna provides enhanced performance for both VHF and UHF frequencies, allowing for clear and reliable communication over long distances.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Comet GP-5M is built to withstand the elements. With a weight of 1.27 kg and a length of 2.42 m, this antenna offers a sturdy and reliable solution for base station installations. Featuring a wind speed resistance of 50m/sec, this antenna is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in challenging environments.


Frequency 144/430 MHZ
Gain 6.0 dBi – 8.6 dBi
Input Resistance 200 W SBB
Weight 1.27 kg
Length 2.42 m
Wind Speed Resistance 50 m /sec
Wide Reception 100 – 170MHz 350 – 470MHz

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