Comet CS-400P – Coax Lightening Protector for DC-500 MHz


Introducing the Comet CS-400P Coax Lightning Protector, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your transceiver from the unpredictable threats of indirect lightning strokes. With its remarkable features and superior design, this lightning arrester ensures your peace of mind during thunderstorms.


This high-performance coaxial lightning arrester offers a wide frequency range of DC to 500 MHz, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you’re a professional radio operator or an amateur hobbyist, the CS-400P is designed to protect your valuable equipment and prevent damage caused by electrical surges.

With a power rating of 500W Peak Envelope Power (PEP), this lightning protector can handle the strongest surges while maintaining optimal performance. Its DC400V breakdown voltage guarantees reliable protection against lightning-induced voltage spikes, giving you the confidence to continue your activities without worrying about sudden power surges.

The CS-400P is compact in size, measuring 74 x 41 x 20 mm, and weighing only 95 g. Its sleek and sturdy design ensures easy installation and durability, making it a convenient addition to your setup. The fittings included are SO239/PL259, which provide seamless connectivity and compatibility with various coaxial cables.

Invest in the Comet CS-400P Coax Lightning Protector today and enjoy unparalleled protection for your transceiver. With this reliable and efficient device, you can confidently face thunderstorms knowing that your equipment is shielded against the devastating effects of lightning strikes.

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