Comet CFX-514N – Triplexer


Introducing the Comet CFX-514N Triplexer – the perfect solution for splitting off your HF, VHF, or UHF signals. Whether you need to combine multiple radios into a single triband antenna or simply want to simplify your setup, this triplexer is here to meet your needs.

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Also known as combiners or splitters, our triplexers act as band-pass filters, allowing RF signals to pass through the common connector in both directions while maintaining a high level of isolation between ports. With the Comet CFX-514N Triplexer, you can transmit and receive from three radios simultaneously using a single triband antenna.

This triplexer is designed to provide excellent performance across different frequency ranges. The low pass frequency coverage ranges from 1.3 to 90 MHz, the mid pass frequency coverage ranges from 130 to 200 MHz, and the high pass frequency coverage ranges from 380 to 500 MHz.

We understand the importance of maintaining signal integrity, which is why the Comet CFX-514N Triplexer offers minimal loss. The low pass loss is only 0.2 dB, the mid pass loss is 0.25 dB, and the high pass loss is 0.3 dB. This ensures that your signals remain clear and strong throughout the entire transmission process.

Isolation is a key factor when it comes to triplexers, and our Comet CFX-514N doesn’t disappoint. With an isolation rating of 55 dB, you can rely on this triplexer to keep your signals separate and free from interference.

The mix connector on the Comet CFX-514N is a UHF female connector, giving you flexibility when it comes to connecting your devices. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for all your triplexing needs.

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