Comet CFX-431D – Triplexer


Introducing the Comet CFX-431D Triplexer – the ultimate solution for optimizing your radio communication setup. With its exceptional performance and innovative design, this triplexer is a must-have for any avid radio enthusiast or professional.

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The Comet CFX-431D Triplexer offers an impressive frequency range of 144 /430 /1200 MHz, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and compatibility across a wide range of applications. Whether you’re operating on the 2 m, 70 cm, or 23 cm band, this triplexer has got you covered.

Engineered with precision, the insertion loss of the CFX-431D is remarkably low, ensuring minimal signal degradation. At frequencies ranging from 1.3 to 150 MHz, the insertion loss is less than 0.2 dB, while at 350 to 500 MHz it is less than 0.3 dB, and from 840 to 1400 MHz, it is less than 0.4 dB. This outstanding performance guarantees maximum signal clarity and fidelity, allowing for seamless communication with unrivalled accuracy.

Power management is another area where the Comet CFX-431D excels. With power handling capabilities of up to 1000W PEP from 1.3 to 60 MHz, 800W PEP from 100 to 150 MHz, 500W PEP from 350 to 500 MHz, and 200W PEP from 40 to 1400 MHz, this triplexer ensures that your signals remain strong and stable even under demanding conditions.

Equipped with impressive isolation capabilities of over 50 dB, the CFX-431D guarantees minimal interference between your connected devices. Say goodbye to unwanted signal crosstalk and enjoy crystal-clear communication with enhanced privacy and reliability.

Designed for convenience, the triplexer features a 50-ohm impedance, ensuring optimal signal transfer and compatibility with a wide range of devices. The connectors included are SO-239 (MJ), PL-259 (MP), PL-259 (MP), and N (NP), providing you with versatile connectivity options to suit your specific needs.

With a VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of less than 1.2, the CFX-431D Triplexer ensures efficient power transfer and minimal signal reflection, resulting in improved transmission performance and reduced signal loss.

In conclusion, the Comet CFX-431D Triplexer is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to optimize their radio communication setup. With its impressive frequency range, low insertion loss, high power handling capabilities, exceptional isolation, and versatile connectivity options, this triplexer guarantees unparalleled performance and convenience.

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