Comet CFX-431A – Triplexer


Introducing the Comet CFX-431A Triplexer – the ultimate solution for transmitting and receiving across three different bands simultaneously. With its high-quality filters and exceptional isolation, this triplexer ensures a seamless experience in the 144/433/1200 MHz frequency range.

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Designed to minimize TV interference (TVI), the CFX-431A guarantees crystal-clear communication. The impressive isolation of over 50 dB between connectors ensures optimal performance in any setup.

Connecting the triplexer to a Tri-Band antenna unlocks the full potential of your radio equipment. Experience the convenience of individual outputs for 2 m, 70 cm, and 23 cm frequencies, making it the perfect companion for devices like the IC-9700.

Not only does the CFX-431A boast outstanding features, but it also excels in its specifications. Enjoy minimal input loss with BandPass Frequency and Input Loss rates of less than 0.2 dB at 1.3 – 150 MHz, less than 0.3 dB at 400 – 500 MHz, and less than 0.4 dB at 900 – 1400 MHz. Its impedance of 50 Ohms ensures compatibility with various devices, while the V.S.W.R. ratio of fewer than 1:1.2 guarantees efficient power transmission.

When it comes to power handling capabilities, the CFX-431A doesn’t disappoint. It can handle up to 1000 watts (PEP) between 1.3 – 60 MHz, 800 watts (PEP) between 100 – 500 MHz, 500 watts (PEP) between 400 – 500 MHz, and 200 watts (PEP) between 900 – 1400 MHz.Featuring an N-type low-loss socket for easy input connection and outputs consisting of one PL259 and two N-type plugs, the CFX-431A ensures versatility and compatibility with a range of devices. Its compact size, measuring 66 (W) x 90 (D) x 26 (H) mm, ensures easy integration into any setup.

Upgrade your communication capabilities with the Comet CFX-431A Triplexer. Experience uninterrupted transmissions and enhanced performance across multiple bands. Don’t settle for anything less – choose the triplexer designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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