Comet CF-530C – Duplexer for 1.3-90/125-470 MHz


Introducing the Comet CF-530C Duplexer – your ultimate solution for seamless transmission and reception across multiple frequencies. Designed specifically for 1.3-90/125-470 MHz bands, this duplexer enables simultaneous operations on both the 50 MHz (or HF Bands) and the 144 MHz (or 430 MHz Bands).


Featuring top-of-the-line filters, the CF-530C is engineered to prevent TVI interference effectively, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication. With an exceptional isolation of over 45 dB between its two connectors, you can rely on this duplexer to provide optimal signal separation.

When using the CF-530C for one frequency, the other connector can be left open, although we recommend utilizing an additional Dummy Load for enhanced performance. This clever design allows for versatile usage, accommodating your specific requirements effortlessly.

Don’t compromise on quality – the Comet CF-530C boasts outstanding specifications that guarantee superior performance. With a bandpass frequency range of 1.3 – 90 MHz and 125 – 470 MHz, the input loss is kept minimal, measuring less than 0.2 dB and 0.3 dB, respectively. The impedance stands at a standard 50 Ohms, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Count on the CF-530C to deliver exceptional transmission efficiency with a VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of less than 1:1.2. This means you can trust this duplexer to maintain excellent signal integrity, minimizing signal loss and maximizing your communications’ clarity.

Built to last, the CF-530C features a sturdy construction while remaining lightweight at just 300 g. With dimensions of 66 (W) x 90 (D) x 26 (H) mm, it is compact and easily fits into any setup without occupying excessive space.

Powerful and reliable, the CF-530C can handle significant input power levels. With maximum input power ratings of 600 Watts (PEP) for the range of 1.3 – 90 MHz, 125 – 250 MHz, and 300 – 470 MHz, you can confidently operate at high power levels without worrying about performance degradation.

For your convenience, the CF-530C comes equipped with two SO239 input sockets and a PL259-fitted output lead, ensuring easy and secure connections without the need for additional adapters or modifications.

Upgrade your communication setup with the Comet CF-530C Duplexer, an essential component that combines versatility, exceptional performance, and durability. Experience seamless transmission, minimal interference, and optimized signal quality across various frequencies.

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