Comet CAT-10A 3.5 – 50 MHz Mobile QRP Antenna Tuner


Introducing the Comet CAT-10A 3.5 – 50 MHz Mobile QRP Antenna Tuner, the perfect companion for FT817 and IC-705 operators looking for optimal performance. Designed to accommodate any transceiver with up to 10W output, this portable and mobile antenna tuner offers exceptional tuning capabilities across a wide frequency range, ensuring seamless communication experiences.


Featuring a frequency range of 3.5 to 50 MHz, divided into 7 bands, the Comet CAT-10A is capable of handling various frequencies with ease, allowing for versatile usage in different environments. With a power output of 10W, this antenna tuner delivers reliable performance, ensuring optimal signal quality for your transmissions.

The impedance range of 50 – 600 Ohms provides flexibility in accommodating various antenna setups, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The input is equipped with an SO239 connector, ensuring compatibility with commonly used antennas and cables.

Measuring a compact size of 162 x 58 x 12 mm, the Comet CAT-10A is designed to be highly portable, making it convenient to carry and install wherever you go. The lightweight construction, weighing just 900 g, further enhances its portability, allowing for easy integration into your mobile or portable setup.

Equipped with an LED tuning indicator, the Comet CAT-10A provides visual feedback during the tuning process, allowing for quick and accurate adjustments to achieve optimal signal strength and minimize SWR. This feature eliminates the guesswork, ensuring a hassle-free tuning experience every time.

With its exceptional performance and user-friendly design, the Comet CAT-10A 3.5 – 50 MHz Mobile QRP Antenna Tuner is a must-have accessory for QRP enthusiasts and operators seeking reliable and efficient antenna tuning solutions. Improve your communication capabilities and take your radio experiences to new heights with the Comet CAT-10A.


  • Frequency: 3.5 to 50 MHz (in 7 bands)
  • Power: 10W
  • Impedance: 50 – 600 Ohms
  • Input: SO239
  • Size: 162 x 58 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 900 g

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