Comet AB-35HS Portable Antenna


Upgrade your aviation experience with the Comet AB-35HS Portable Antenna, designed for both amateurs and professionals alike. This high-quality antenna offers exceptional reception within the 118-136 MHz aircraft band as well as the versatile 230-360 MHz range.


Crafted to perfection, this portable antenna measures a compact total length of only 37 cm, making it convenient to carry wherever your adventurous spirit takes you. With its lightweight design weighing just 32 g, you won’t be burdened by unnecessary bulk during your travels.

Our Comet AB-35HS provides unrivaled receiving performance across VHF frequencies ranging from 118 to 135 MHz and UHF frequencies falling between 230 and 360 MHz. Whether you’re a hobbyist pilot seeking supplemental communications or a seasoned aviator requiring reliable signal reception, this top-tier antenna caters to all needs.

Designed for seamless integration into countless systems, our Comet AB-35HS features an SMA-P connector that ensures effortless compatibility with various devices in the market. Experience hassle-free connectivity without compromising signal quality or reliability.

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Weight 0.2 kg