Comet 3D5MB – 5 Metre 3DQEFV Coax Cable with MLJ-MP Connector


Comet 3D5MB 5 m low loss mobile coax cable assembly with SO-239/PL-259 connectors.


The 3D5MB be used with a lip mount or used alone as a permanent hole mount. An O-ring is included to seal moisture from migrating under the threaded nut holding the connector in place, but additional waterproofing using silicone is recommended around the connector threads.

The PL-259 connector has a reverse threaded barrel. Turn the outer barrel clockwise and it will thread off the connector body. The coax can then be routed through small holes or pushed through tight spaces without completely removing the connector. After routing the coax into place, screw the barrel back onto the PL-259 connector.

  • Low loss mobile cable assembly
  • 16 ft, 9 inches low loss cable, 25″ outside diameter
  • SO-239 / PL-259 connectors

Additional information

Weight 1 kg