Cobra HH350 – Floating Handheld VHF Marine Transceiver


Crafted with the discerning radio amateur in mind, allow us to present the Cobra HH350 – Floating Handheld VHF Marine Transceiver. Immerse yourself in a realm of seamless communication as this cutting-edge device introduces you to uncharted frequencies of professionalism.


The best value in our handheld VHF radio lineup! Backed by 50 years of Cobra quality, this floating radio has an orange core for higher visibility and is easy to retrieve if dropped overboard. It features 6 Watts of power for longer range communications.

Built-in GPS ensures accurate location when calling for Coast Guard assistance in a time of need. Rewind-Say-Again allows you to record and replay the last 20 seconds of a VHF call. Dual All-Terrain Radio is designed for land and water use.

Cobra HH350 - Floating Handheld VHF Marine Transceiver Features:

  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone.
  • VHF between 1, 3 and 6 watts for short and long-range communication.
  • USA, Canada International Channels – Allows operation on any of the three different channel maps established for these areas.
Number of Channels All U.S., Canadian, International and NOAA Weather Channel
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Modulation 5 kHz Max
Input Voltage 7.4 VDC
Battery Life (at High Power) 5% TX, 5% RX, 90% Standby | LiON: 8 hours @ 6 watts, 14 hours @ 1 watt
Current Drain Standby: 45 mA | Receive (RX): 200 mA | Transmit (TX): 1.8 A @ High Power, 700 mA @ Low Power
Dimensions H-123 x W-62 x D-36 mm
Weight 228 g (without batteries)

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