CHR-2Z45 Magnetic Detachable Auto Morse Key


Separate base design, separate electric key can also be used directly. The magnetic design of the electric key base is suitable for use in different environments.

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The CHR-2Z45 high quality iambic CW arm uses a double-lever precision mechanism with permanent magnet springs. The contacts are made of metal and plated in gold. This ensures long, trouble-free service and ease of maintenance. Each arm has separate contact spacing and force settings to ensure CW signals are transmitted accurately and flawlessly. The axes of the levers are supported in miniature ball bearings.
The electric part of the key is inserted into a weighted metal bed, where it is securely fixed by powerful magnets.


Base Material
Stainless steel
Product Appearance
Overall CNC processing
Surface Treatment
3.5 mm socket
Overall Dimensions
85 x 100 x 47 mm
Base Size
70 x 100 x 23 mm



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