Chelegance M-104 Super Portable 4-Band Shortwave Antenna Kit


Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in your outdoor operations with the Chelegance M-104 Super Portable 4-Band Shortwave Antenna Kit. Designed to cater to the needs of professionals in various domains, this kit combines streamlined functionality with exceptional portability.


Crafted specifically for SOTA (Summits On The Air), POTA (Parks On The Air), or automobile applications, our antenna kit boasts a superior design that ensures optimal performance even in challenging environments. Its compact size is ingeniously packed into a slim plastic box measuring a mere 180 x 110 x 30 mm, allowing operators to effortlessly carry it during field operations.

With a frequency range spanning across 7/14/21/28 MHz, this versatile kit caters to diverse communication requirements effectively. Powered by an impressive 50 W PEP capability, you can confidently rely on its consistent transmission quality throughout any endeavor.

We understand the importance of seamless connectivity when operating outdoors, which is why we have equipped our antenna kit with UHF-J connectors. These robust connectors ensure secure and reliable connections while guaranteeing minimal signal loss.

Measuring at just 1.4 meters in length, this lightweight yet rugged antenna offers convenience without compromising on durability or performance. It effortlessly withstands the rigors of outdoor use while delivering unmatched signal reception and transmission capabilities.


Frequency Range7/14/21/28 MHz
Power50 W PEP
Connector TypeUHF-J
Length (Extended)1.4 Meter
Dimensions180 x 110 x 30 mm
Weight0.32 g

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Weight7 kg