Chameleon CHA Quad One Antenna Base


Turn your ham sticks into 2-dipoles, with the Chameleon  Antenna CHA Quad One Antenna Base. The best part: no band switching is required!


Chameleon CHA Quad One Antenna Base

The Quad One is an innovative antenna system enclosed in a weather-proof, die-cast aluminium case. Using lap joint construction to provide protection against dust and rain while also providing excellent EMI / RFI shielding.

The Quad’s octagon enclosure uses four 3/8-24 inch solid brass connectors to accommodate up to four ham-stick type antennas.

Each pair of Ham Stick antennas form one dipole pair. Fed with 50-Ohm coax, the coax centre-conductor is connected to four antenna bases, one for each side of the dipole while the shield is connected to every antenna base.

The included mounting bracket accommodates mast poles from 0.750 in. to 1.750 inch offering enhanced portability and configurations to match any setup. The CHA Quad One comes completely assembled, tested, and ready for service.

Chameleon CHA Quad One Antenna Base

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Weight 2 kg