Chameleon CHA Counterpoise Kit


Introducing the Chameleon CHA Counterpoise Kit – the perfect solution for all your portable antenna deployment needs. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an avid outdoor enthusiast, this kit is designed to provide you with the ground plane required for any vertical antenna, while also serving as reliable guy wires.


Included in this comprehensive kit are four high-quality radials, each measuring 25′ in length. These radials are constructed using copper-clad KEVLAR PTFE (Teflon) wire, ensuring superior durability and performance even under extreme temperatures ranging from -70°C to 150°C. To keep these radials organized and easily portable, they are thoughtfully secured around plastic wire winders fitted with our innovative isolator O-Ring.

Chameleon CHA Counterpoise Kit

Additionally, four sturdy steel tent stakes are included in the kit, guaranteeing a secure and stable installation for your antenna setup. With these stakes, you can confidently set up your antenna in varying terrains, knowing that it will remain steadfast even in challenging environments.

Each wire in this kit is equipped with a terminal measuring 3/8″ in diameter, making it compatible with the base of our HYBRID, MINI, and MICRO antennas, as well as the Jawmount or any other screw of similar size. This versatility ensures that the CHA Counterpoise Kit seamlessly integrates into your existing antenna system without any hassle.

Invest in the Chameleon CHA Counterpoise Kit today and unlock the full potential of your portable antenna setup. Enhance signal performance, achieve optimal grounding, and take your communications to new heights with reliability and adaptability.

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