Butel ARC500 Pro Scanner Software for Whistler WS1040 and WS1065


ARC500 is the most popular programming software for the Whistler WS1040/WS1065/GRE PSR-500/PSR-600 and Radioshack PRO-106/PRO-197/PRO-651/PRO-652 models scanner series and is also the most user-friendly software available for your scanner developed by the scanner software world market leader! ARC500PRO adds powerful data logging and digital audio recording!


A built-in recorder can be used to capture audio of all activities. ARC500PRO has a selectable Audio device and selectable recording source. Audio is stored in individual wav files AND large hourly files for easy playback. Silence is automatically removed. And with our ‘no loss’ recording technology you will record exactly what you hear.

  • Supports the Whistler WS1040/WS1065 and GRE PSR500/PSR600 RS PRO-106/PRO-197/PRO-651/PRO-652, models
  • ARC500 supports 8 different models in one software package
  • ARC500 has a standard and Expert ‘mode’. Standard mode is very useful for new owners of the scanner/software
  • ARC500 is Radioshack’s preferred software for their scanners
  • ARC500 includes THE most versatile memory editor available on the market
  • Easy and simple spreadsheet-type editor
  • Full Virtual scanner control with ‘mini view’ option
  • Unique ‘One button’ rebranding option! The new Motorola rebranded tables are already preloaded in ARC500
  • Rebranding Calculator
  • Set up custom tables for rebranded Motorola systems
  • Scan list Preview option
  • Radioreference.com* import option for conventional and trunk systems! Programming your scanner was never this easy
  • Enhanced CSV file import and ‘mapper’
  • Paste Frequencies DIRECTLY from any website using ‘Paste Special
  • Store an Unlimited number of configurations on your hard disk
  • Copy/Move/Swap scan lists
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 ( all 32 and 64-bit versions!)
  • All updates are free for registered users
  • Easy cut/copy/paste data
  • Move channels up and down
  • V-scanner management
  • Export CSV data
  • Fill down/series option
  • Full clipboard support for import/export data to/from other applications
  • Easy data toggle with mouse double click or space bar or keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhanced sorting options
  • Remove duplicate objects

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