Bonito MegaDipole MD3000X Active Antenna


The MegaDipole MD3000X Active antenna latest active antenna from Bonito. The MegaDipol 300DX is a broadband active dipole with a maximum upper working frequency of 300 MHz.


The dipole reacts to the electrical component (E-Field) of the electromagnetic field and will deliver the best results regarding signal strength and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) at locations with little or no locally generated interference. Nonetheless, the receiver to be coupled to this antenna should have a high enough dynamic range so that it can effectively process the received signals.

In contrast to simple E-field antennas with only one radiating element, the symmetrical construction of the MegaDipole 300DX will result in almost no negative resonance effects or reflections caused by the coaxial cable.

Please Note: It is important that the connected receiver has a correspondingly high dynamic range in order to be able to optimally process the delivered signals.

Included in Box: MegaDipol MD300DX, Power Inserter CPI 1000DP, 2 insulators for installation (weatherproof plastic material with 4.5 mm fixing hole), 2 x 2.5 m long radiating elements (PVC-coated, salt-water resistant stainless steel ropes).


  • Broadband frequency range from 9 kHz – 180 MHz
  • Power Requirements: 10V – 15V
  • IP3: typ. +30 dBm (7.00 and 7.20 MHz)
  • IP2: typ. +78 dBm (7.00 and 7.20 MHz)
  • Size / Weight: 98 x 90 x 38 mm / 0.12 kg



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Weight0.5 kg