Bonito MegActiv MA305FT – Active Antenna


Introducing the Bonito MegActiv MA305FT – Active Antenna, an exceptional addition to our lineup of powered E-field antennas. Designed to bridge the gap between the Boni-Whip and the GigActiv GA3005, this antenna brings unparalleled performance and versatility to the table.

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With a wide frequency range spanning from 9kHz to 300MHz, the MegActiv MA305FT ensures that you capture signals across various bands with precision and clarity. Its innovative design features a dual power supply option, allowing operation within the range of 5.5V to 15V. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a range of power sources, enhancing its adaptability in different setups.

Equipped with a selectable FM band stop filter, this antenna enables seamless tuning, minimizing interference for optimal signal reception. Despite its robust capabilities, the MegActiv MA305FT boasts compact dimensions, making it an ideal companion for travel, home use, or DX-Camps. Its discreet 200mm radiating element ensures inconspicuous installation while delivering exceptional performance.

Crafted to meet the highest standards, this active antenna exhibits low noise characteristics, ensuring pristine signal quality across the frequency spectrum. With an IP3 rating of >typ. +30dBm and an IP2 rating of >typ. +50dBm, it excels in handling high-power signals with remarkable precision and reliability.

Whether you’re an amateur radio enthusiast, a seasoned DXer, or a casual listener, the Bonito MegActiv MA305FT Active Antenna promises unparalleled performance and versatility for your radio needs. Please note that a power supply is not included, with the antenna requiring 5-15V DC (max. 40mA) for operation.

Key Features:

  • Wide frequency range 9kHz – 300MHz
  • Dual Power Supply: 5.5V – 15V
  • Selectable FM band stop filter
  • Small dimensions
  • Ideal for travelling, at home or DX-Camps
  • IP3:>typ. +30dBm / IP2:>typ. +50dBm
  • Enlarged and flexible 200mm radiating element

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