Black Box MKII – Airband Monitor


This radio is designed to receive all AM airband VHF transmissions within range.

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Whilst normal scanners frequently miss signals whilst scanning, the Black-Box misses nothing. So, even if you have no idea of your local air traffic’s frequencies, the Black Box will bring them in, loud and clear. Great for air shows or when travelling around. The Black-Box instantly receives any transmitted airband signal; it can even manage several at a time! No tuning is necessary.

The supplied earpiece acts as an antenna, and a switchable built-in speaker is also featured. Background noise is kept under control by the inclusion of a squelch control. And whilst other airband radios cannot be used inside an aircraft cabin, this model has no internal oscillators that can radiate, so it can be classified in the same category as an MP3 player.

You can now hear flight deck communications from the cabin. The Black-Box combines excellent sensitivity with great versatility. To reduce interference from strong local signals, a carefully designed multi-stage filter is included. So check out the Black Box today and hear what you have been missing!



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