BHC Z73Plus Small Hand CW Morse Key


Z73Plus enhanced version, grip is very comfortable, very suitable for radio enthusiasts to practice and participate in the CW contest. Its production process is very delicate, small and beautiful and elegant appearance is also very suitable for lovers collection. Upgraded version of the standard base in the base, making it more stable.

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The design is “rear pivot”, providing for leverage equivalent to full length of the key. Contact spacing determined by an adjustment screw on the front yoke, and the silver contacts are located below the adjustment screw. Connection is via miniature binding posts at the rear, and wiring to the lower front (hot) contact is chased in the bottom of the brass base. A hard-plastic sub-base provides for scratch free usage on delicate surfaces. The needle bearings on the trunnion are fully adjustable, and lever tension is applied by a compression spring near the middle of the lever. The plate over the rear yoke carries a 3-digit serial number. The mechanism is solid brass, with a natural satin finish which will darken over time.

Base dimensions are 2-1/8″ by 3/4″ wide, and the total height is 1-1/4″ from table to the flat top of the knob. The Z73 weighs 3-1/4 Ounces, and keying force is down through the base so the little key is surprising stable in use.

Z73Plus is supplied with a machined solid brass sub-base which doubles the weight and greatly increases stability. The sub-base measures 73 x 30 mm and is 8 mm (1/4″) thick. A BHC logo plate is screwed onto the front of the base and it brings the weight up to 8 Oz. Mounting screws are included and installation requires a Philips-head screwdriver.

Packge including: 1 BHC Z73Plus CW key

Note: No cable is provided



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