Baofeng UV-5RU Dual Band Handheld Transceiver


The Baofeng UV-5RU Dual Band Handheld Transceiver offers powerful transmission capabilities, a wide frequency range, and a user-friendly interface. With a long-lasting battery and large memory capacity, it ensures uninterrupted communication. Featuring intelligent design and enhanced signal quality, this transceiver is perfect for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient communication.


Introducing the Baofeng UV-5RU Dual Band Handheld Transceiver, the latest version of this highly sought-after handheld radio. Now equipped with a powerful 4.5W on 2m, this transceiver provides superior performance in communication.

With a wide frequency range, including VHF 136-174MHz and UHF 400-470MHz, this dual-band transceiver allows for versatile communication options. Additionally, it supports RX frequencies at VHF 65-108MHz, expanding its usability even further.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with a working voltage of DC 7.4V, the Baofeng UV-5RU offers reliable operation. The antenna impedance of 50Ω enhances signal transmission and reception efficiency.

Featuring a memory channel capacity of up to 128 channels, you can conveniently program frequencies and store important data. The working mode supports both same-frequency simplex and different-frequency simplex operations, providing flexibility in various scenarios.

Equipped with advanced features, such as anti-interference technology, noise suppression, and clutter rejection, this transceiver delivers clear audio quality and excellent reception even in noisy settings. The modulation sensitivity of 8-12mV ensures crisp and detailed audio transmission.

The intelligently designed dot matrix LCD screen, accompanied by Chinese and English voice prompts, makes controlling and selecting functions effortless. The user-friendly interface enhances convenience during operation.

The transceiver supports a large capacity channel storage, accommodating up to 128 memory channels. This capability allows users to easily program and access various frequencies and other essential data.

For enhanced communication options, each channel can be set with different CTCSS/DCS and DTMF signaling, preventing unnecessary calls from interfering with your communication.

The tail elimination feature eliminates post-call noise emitted by the speaker, ensuring a clear and undisturbed user experience.

To facilitate hands-free calling, the Baofeng UV-5RU includes a VOX voice transmission function. This feature enables users to transmit voice-activated messages without manually pressing the PTT button.

Additionally, the transceiver is equipped with pilot and scrambling functions, making it suitable for complex transmission requirements and network setups.

With full manual operation capabilities, this transceiver allows users to directly input transmission and reception frequencies through the menu item keyboard. This functionality simplifies and speeds up frequency selection.




  • Dual Band Functionality: The Baofeng UV-5RU Handheld Transceiver allows for simultaneous monitoring and transmission across both VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-470MHz) bands, providing versatile communication options.
  • Powerful Transmission: With a maximum output power of 4.5W on 2m, this transceiver delivers strong and reliable signal transmission, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The UV-5RU supports RX frequencies at VHF 65-108MHz, expanding its usability beyond regular transceiver capabilities.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a high-power 1800mAh battery, this handheld transceiver offers extended usage time, allowing for uninterrupted communication in the field.
  • Large Memory Capacity: Store up to 128 channels for programming frequencies and other important data, providing quick and easy access to frequently used channels.
  • Intelligent Design: The dot matrix LCD screen with Chinese and English voice prompts makes it convenient to control and select functions, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Enhanced Signal Quality: The transceiver features advanced technologies such as noise suppression, clutter rejection, and modulation sensitivity which ensure clear audio quality and excellent reception even in noisy surroundings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The friendly interface of the Baofeng UV-5RU simplifies operation, making it easier for users to navigate through various features and settings.
  • Hands-Free Communication: The VOX voice transmission function allows for hands-free operation, liberating users from manually pressing the PTT button during normal calls.
  • Versatile Signaling Options: Each channel can be set with different CTCSS/DCS and DTMF signaling, preventing interference from unwanted or unnecessary calls.
  • High/Low Power Switch: Choose between high power or low power settings based on your specific needs and save battery power accordingly, providing flexibility in power management.

By incorporating these features, the Baofeng UV-5RU Dual Band Handheld Transceiver ensures reliable, efficient, and user-friendly communication for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a high-performance transceiver.


Frequency rangeU/V: 400 – 520 MHz / 136 – 174 MHz
Channel capacity128
Channel spacing25.0 kHz / 12.5 kHz
Frequency stability±1.5 ppm
Working temperature-20℃ ~ +60℃
Antenna impedance50Ω
Working voltage3.7 V
Dimensions (L x W x H)100 × 55 × 34 mm
Weight (with battery and antenna)210 g
Battery1800 mAh (Lithium ion battery)
Receiving sensitivity0.15 μV / 0.18 μV
Adjacent channel selectivity65 dB / 55 dB
Intermodulation rejection55 dB
Spurious response≥ 60 dB
Signal to noise ratio40 dB / 35 dB
Rated audio output power≥ 600 mW
Rated audio distortion≤ 5%
Transmitting power≤ 5 W
Modulation mode16KΦF3E / 8KΦF3E
Modulation limit≤ 5 kHz / ±2.5 kHz
FM distortion≤ 5%
Residual FM-45 dB / -35 dB
Adjacent channel power-65 dB / -55 dB
Stray and harmonic≤ -36 dBm

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