Avair AV–601 VSWR Power Meter


Introducing the Avair AV-601 VSWR Power Meter – a must-have tool for any radio enthusiast or professional. This versatile meter offers accurate readings of both RMS and PEP, making it an essential device for measuring power and impedance in your radio equipment.

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With a wide frequency range of 1.8 MHz to 525 MHz, the Avair AV-601 covers a broad spectrum of frequencies, allowing you to measure power across various bands. Its two sensors provide precise measurements, ensuring reliable results every time.

The Avair AV-601 VSWR Power Meter comes equipped with five power ranges: 0.5 – 5W, 20W, 200W, 400W, and 1000W. Whether you’re working with low-power devices or high-power transmitters, this meter has you covered. Its impedance of 50 Ω ensures compatibility with your existing radio equipment.

Avair AV – 601 VSWR Power Meter Featuring a low input loss of just 0.2dB for frequencies ranging from 1.8 MHz to 160 MHz, and 0.3dB for frequencies from 140 MHz to 525 MHz, this power meter maintains signal integrity without sacrificing accuracy. You can rely on its precision readings to optimize the performance of your radio systems.

The Avair AV-601 VSWR Power Meter is designed with utmost attention to detail and precision. With a ±5% accuracy in the 5W range, ±7.5% in the 20W range, ±10% in the 200W range, ±12.5% in the 400W range, and ±15% in the 1kW range, this meter ensures reliable and consistent measurements.

Upgrade your radio setup with the Avair AV-601 VSWR Power Meter today. Its advanced features, wide frequency range, and accurate readings make it an indispensable tool for radio enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone seeking to optimize their radio equipment’s performance.


  • Two sensors
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Minimum Power Input: 0.5W
  • Frequency Range: 1.8 – 160 MHz (S1)
  • Frequency Range: 140 – 525 MHz (S2)
  • Power Measure Range: 5W, 20W, 200W, 400W, 1000W
  • Input Loss: 0.2 dB (1.8 ~ 160 MHz), (140 ~ 525 MHz), 0.3 dB (430 – 1300 MHz)
  • Precision: 5W range ± 5%, 20W range ± 7.5%, 200W range ± 10%, 400W range ± 12.5%, 1 kW range ± 15%

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