Astatic 636L-C – Noise-Cancelling Microphone Chrome Edition


The Astatic Model 636L-C is an effective noise-cancelling dynamic microphone ideal for close talking, handheld applications in CB, Amateur Radio and SSB communications. It features a hardy dynamic element akin to those used in professional two-way radios enclosed within a classic tear-drop design housing.


Astatic 636L-C - Noise-Cancelling Microphone Chrome Edition

The frequency response is tailored for maximum ineligibility and clarity in voice communications with a 360 minimization of background noise. A soft lip guard is positioned to assure proper close talk spacing by the operator. Melded in high impact Cycolac, The model 636L-C comes with six wire coil cord which allows for relay, electronic, or virtually any type hook-up with almost any transmitter/transceiver.

The model 636L-C has a low impedance output and a long life, trouble free DPDT switch, factory wired normally open.


Type Dynamic Noise-Cancelling
Output Level -58 dB (0dB = 1 mw/10 microbars); -76dB (0dB = 1 volt/microbar); -152dB EIA
Impedance 200 Ohms, matches 50 to 1000 Ohms
Connector Available stripped and tinned or configured with 4 pin (DX1) DIN
Cable Six wire, five conductor (one conductor shielded) coiled cord that extends to 2.3 m (7 1/2 ft.)
Housing Durable high impact molded black Cycolac
Weight 284 grams


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