Arrow II 146 / 437-14BP Alaskan Satellite Antenna


The Arrow II line of antennas has been designed to provide optimal gain and technical proficiency in the most compact size and lightweight. Coming in at just 26 oz, these antennas are a remarkable achievement.


Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for the elements. The two pre-assembled, pre-tuned in-line gamma matches each include one connector for VHF and a separate one for UHF, both with BNC attachments. To enhance the handling of this assembly, it features a 3/4″ square boom (rounded corners) measuring 37.5″ in length, along with a large black foam grip. Both elements and boom have been equipped with plastic tips for safety reasons.


Arrow II 146 / 437-14BP Alaskan Satellite Antenna This model doesn’t have an internal duplexer, and no connecting cables are included. For use with a single HT or other radio, an external duplexer will be necessary.


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Weight 1 kg