Arrow Antenna FHL-VHF Fox Hunt Loop 1-600 MHz


The Arrow Antenna FHL-VHF Fox Hunt Loop, spanning from 1MHz to 600MHz, is a compact and versatile tool designed for radio direction finding (RDF) enthusiasts and amateur radio operators. With a circumference of 18 inches and a BNC connector, this antenna is optimized for receiving signals across a wide frequency range.


It’s important to note that this antenna is specifically designed for reception and operates solely in that capacity. Unlike traditional directional antennas such as Yagi arrays, the Fox Hunt Loop utilizes a null mode, focusing on minimizing signal reception rather than maximizing it. This unique approach enables highly precise signal directionality, with readings accurate to within plus or minus 5 degrees.

One of the key advantages of the Loop Antenna is its resilience against signal reflections, thanks to its Faraday shield. This feature enhances the antenna’s reliability and accuracy, particularly in environments with complex signal environments.

While the Loop Antenna can serve as a standalone solution for many applications, its effectiveness may vary depending on signal strength. For weaker signals, supplementing with a Yagi antenna to leverage directional gain is recommended. Conversely, in scenarios where signals are too strong, the use of an attenuator such as the Fox Hunt Attenuator may be necessary to prevent overload.

It’s worth emphasizing that radio direction finding, or ARDF, is as much an art as it is a science. Mastering this skill requires practice and dedication, and the Arrow Antenna FHL-VHF Fox Hunt Loop provides a valuable tool for enthusiasts looking to hone their RDF abilities and explore the fascinating world of radio direction finding.


  • 1 MHz – 600 MHz
  • Size: 18 inches in circumference
  • Connector: BNC
  • Warning: This is a receive anntena ONLY

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