Arrow Antenna FHL-UHF Fox Hunt Loop


Introducing the Arrow Antenna FHL-UHF Fox Hunt Loop, a precision tool designed for radio direction finding enthusiasts and professionals alike. Covering an impressive frequency range from 1MHz to 1000MHz, this compact loop antenna measures just 11 inches in circumference, making it highly portable for on-the-go hunts.

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Equipped with a BNC connector, the FHL-UHF is optimized for receiving signals with remarkable sensitivity. It’s important to note that this antenna is intended solely for reception purposes, providing users with clear, directional insights into their target signals.

What sets the FHL-UHF apart is its unique utilization of the null mode, ensuring maximum accuracy in signal directionality. With a sharp bearing resolution of plus or minus 5 degrees, users can pinpoint their targets with unparalleled precision, even in challenging environments.

Thanks to its Faraday shield, the FHL-UHF is less susceptible to interference from reflection signals, ensuring clear and reliable readings. While the loop antenna can serve as a standalone solution for many scenarios, it’s recommended to pair it with a Yagi antenna for added directional gain when dealing with weaker signals. For situations where signals are too strong, the optional Fox Hunt Attenuator can be employed to optimize performance.

Mastering the art of Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) requires practice and skill, and the Arrow Antenna FHL-UHF Fox Hunt Loop is the perfect tool to help enthusiasts hone their craft. Whether you’re a seasoned ARDF competitor or a newcomer to the sport, the FHL-UHF empowers you to navigate the airwaves with confidence and precision.


  • 1 MHz – 1000 MHz
  • Size: 11 inches in circumference
  • Connector: BNC
  • Warning: This is a receive anntena ONLY

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