AOR DA-6000 Compact Discone Antenna


The DA6000 is a well-designed compact discone antenna designed for the higher UHF bands, spanning from 700 MHz to 3 GHz (or 3,000 MHz).


The upper portion is made up of 16 horizontal pieces, while the lower part features eight radials attached to a solid stub that ends in a N-type socket. The construction mainly consists of brass (BsBM), contributing to its weight of 700 g, and it is coated in a military grey hue. The total length from the top elements to the N-socket measures approximately 240 mm, with a top diameter of 82 mm and each radial measuring 100 mm in length.

To ensure protection against harsh weather conditions, termination is achieved through an N-socket located in the stub-mast. It is crucial to use high-quality 50 OHM coaxial cable, such as URM67 or RG213 for shorter lengths and even superior quality for longer cable runs.

Please refrain from touching the horizontal elements as doing so can result in a decrease in the aerial’s performance. It is important to note that these components cannot be replaced if damaged due to mishandling by the customer, due to the meticulous construction process involved.

The DA6000 is supplied with an aluminium stub-mast of 32 mm diameter and 400 mm in length, clamps to secure the aerial / stub-mast / support pole (support pole not included), ‘V’ brackets are also included which accept a support pole of 25 mm – 50 mm diameter.


  • Frequency coverage 700 MHz – 6 GHz (6,000 MHz)
  • Aerial gain (max) 2.5 dB (see plot) vertical omni-directional
  • Impedance 50 OHM
  • Termination N-socket, female
  • Horizontal elements 16, overall top diameter 82 mm
  • Radials 8, 100 mm long, overall outer diameter 145 mm
  • Overall height 240 mm
  • Wind resistance up to 40 m/S (theoretical)
  • Stub-mast 32 mm diameter, 400 mm long
  • Support pole size 25 mm – 50 mm (not included)
  • Coaxial cable Use low loss (not supplied)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg