AOR DA-3200 25-3000 MHz Discone Antenna


Rugged 16-element Discone. 25 MHz – 3000 MHz. Ideal for professional, surveillance and monitoring applications. Ultra-wideband design provides continuous coverage from 25 MHz to3000 MHz.

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The AOR DA3200 is a 16-element (stainless steel), base, omnidirectional Discone Receiving Antenna covering 25 to 3000 MHz. The antenna is approximately 45 inches tall (1.12 m). It comes with two U bolts to mount the antenna to a mast (not included). It includes 49 feet (15 m) of low-lose 5D-2V 50 ohm coax lead-in. This supplied lead-in features an N male plug for the antenna end and now an N male plug for the radio end. (A plug change or adapter will be required for other radios with BNC or PL259 antenna input). This robustly built antenna has a rated wind velocity of up to 112 MPH. (Mast shown is not included). Please note that this antenna is not for transmitting applications.


  • Vertical radiation pattern
  • Return loss chart
  • Supplied with 15 m of low loss 5D-2V coaxial cable

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