AOR BP-10A Lithium-Ion Battery for AR-DV10 Receivers


Introducing the AOR BP-10A Lithium-Ion Battery, the powerhouse companion designed specifically for AR-DV10 receivers.


Engineered with cutting-edge rechargeable lithium-ion technology, this battery offers a robust 7.4V and an impressive 2200mAh capacity, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your receiver.

With an enhanced lifespan and efficiency, the BP-10A stands out with its extended operating time of approximately 6 hours, even under continuous use at 40% volume. This means you can rely on your AR-DV10 for extended periods without the hassle of frequent recharges.

Replacing its predecessor, the BP-10 model, this upgraded version boasts a remarkable 10% increase in capacity, providing you with even more power to fuel your receiver’s performance. Whether you’re monitoring frequencies in the field or staying connected during critical operations, the AOR BP-10A Lithium-Ion Battery is your dependable source of energy, ensuring that your AR-DV10 remains operational when you need it most.

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Weight 0.7 kg