Anytone Q8 Bluetooth for D878UV Handheld Transceiver


Experience seamless communication with the Anytone Q8 Bluetooth Headset, expertly crafted for the D878UV Two Way Radios. This wireless headset is engineered to enhance your radio communications without the clutter of wires.


Anytone Q8 Bluetooth for D878UV Handheld TransceiverUpgrade your communication experience with the Anytone Q8 Bluetooth Headset, tailored for seamless integration with the Anytone D878UV Handheld Transceiver. This wireless headset ensures crystal-clear audio in various environments, thanks to its dynamic vocalism principle and active noise cancellation technology. Whether you’re on a critical call or coordinating in a noisy setting, the Q8 headset maintains excellent sound clarity.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy the freedom of movement with a wireless delay time of less than 30 ms, ensuring real-time communication without lag.
  • Dynamic Vocalism Principle: Delivers clear and powerful sound, providing an exceptional audio experience for both sending and receiving messages.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology, this headset blocks out unwanted background noise, allowing you to focus on the communication at hand.
  • LED Battery Indicator: Keep track of your headset’s battery life with a convenient LED indicator that informs you when it’s time to recharge.
  • Volume Control: Easily adjust the volume to your preferred level for optimal listening comfort during long communications.
  • Water Resistance: While not fully waterproof with an IPX0 rating, the headset is designed to handle light moisture, making it suitable for various environments.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Anytone D878UV handheld transceivers, ensuring perfect pairing and functionality.

Whether you’re coordinating teams on-site or communicating during outdoor activities, the Anytone Q8 Bluetooth Headset is your reliable partner for effective and efficient communication.

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