AnyTone Mini – Mobile CB Transceiver


Designed specifically for radio amateurs, the Anytone Mini One – CB Mobile Transceiver is a pinnacle of professional-grade communication technology. Engineered with precision and built to empower, this exceptional device seamlessly blends functionality and rugged durability.


AnyTone Mini - Mobile CB Transceiver

With its Advanced Squelch (ASQ) and Squelch (SQ) functions, this powerful transceiver ensures crystal-clear reception even in noisy environments. Say goodbye to distorted signals; embrace pristine sound quality that sets you apart from the competition.

Emergency situations demand swift action. Equipped with an EMG channel on CH9/19, our Mini One stands ready to assist when every second counts. Whether it’s coordinating crucial rescue operations or staying informed during emergencies, count on this transceiver as your reliable lifeline.

Embrace enhanced versatility through Dual Watch capability that allows you to monitor two channels simultaneously – never miss a single transmission relevant to your mission ever again. Stay effortlessly connected while navigating dynamic airwaves with ease.

Brimming with capabilities beyond AM/FM modes, the Anytone Mini One delivers unmatched performance across frequency ranges associated with hobbyist ambitions or professional pursuits alike. Let nothing limit your exploratory spirit; embark on endless possibilities as you connect and communicate flawlessly within a vast community of like-minded enthusiasts.

AnyTone Mini - Mobile CB Transceiver AnyTone Mini - Mobile CB Transceiver

Frequency Range 26.565 – 27.99125 MHz
Frequency Tolerance 0.005%
Input Voltage 13.2V
Frequency Control PLL Synthesizer
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to +50℃
Current Drain Transmit: with push-to-talk / UP / DN and coiled cord | Receive: 2A MAX | VOL Max: Squelched 0.3
Antenna Connector UHF, SO239
Dimensions 104 x 109 x 25 mm
Weight 421 g



  • Mode: EU, EUH, CE, UK, PL, E1, I2, DE, DEH
  • AM/FM mode
  • ASQ/SQ function
  • EMG channel CH9/19
  • Dual Watch
AnyTone Mini - Mobile CB Transceiver

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