AnyTone Graces – Mobile CB Transceiver


Enhance your radio communication experience with the AnyTone Graces – Mobile CB Transceiver, meticulously engineered for the discerning radio amateur. Crafted with utmost precision, this state-of-the-art product boasts a separate microphone control coupled with an LCD display to cater to your professional needs.


Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio thanks to our cutting-edge audio processing solution that ensures exceptional sound quality throughout every conversation. Say goodbye to distracting background noise as you effortlessly choose from 1 to 5 optional levels of RX and TX audio reduction – preserving clarity amidst even the noisiest environments.

Unleash seamless hands-free operation with our innovative VOX function that suppresses unwanted noise interruptions, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: effective communication. Additionally, indulge in personalization by selecting from seven captivating LCD backlight colour options, letting you create an ambiance tailored uniquely to your taste.

AnyTone Graces - Mobile CB Transceiver
AnyTone Graces - Mobile CB TransceiverWith 38 groups of CTCSS tones and 104 groups of DCS codes at your disposal, transform your conversations into streamlined exchanges of information. Seamlessly explore each channel as our full channel scan feature enables effortless navigation through frequencies without missing a beat.

Dedication meets efficiency as our Time Out Timer empowers you in managing time-sensitive communications effectively. Stay ahead of the game and never miss a crucial interaction again.

Elevate your radio amateur journey today by embracing technology designed specifically for professionals like yourself – embrace the limitless potential offered by the AnyTone Graces – Mobile CB Transceiver!AnyTone Graces - Mobile CB Transceiver
AnyTone Graces - Mobile CB Transceiver


  • Separate Microphone Control with LCD
  • New Audio Processing Solution Provides Excellent Audio Quality
  • 1~5 Optional Levels of RX and TX Audio Noise Reduction
  • VOX Function of Noise Suppression
  • 7 LCD Backlight Colour Options
  • 38 Groups of CTCSS Tone, 104 Groups of DCS Code
  • Full Channel Scan
  • Time Out Timer


General Specifications
Modulation ModeAM / FM
Frequency Range26.965 – 27.405 MHz
Frequency Tolerance±5.0ppm
Input Voltage13.2V
Dimensions111 x 104 x 25 mm
Weight300 g
Frequency ControlPLL Synthesizer
Operating Temperature Range-20℃ to +50℃
Current DrainTransmit 2A MAX, Receive: Squelched 0.3A, VOL Max: 0.8A
Antenna ConnectorUHF, SO-239
Transmitter Specifications
Power Output4 Watts FM / AM
Transmission IinterferenceInferior to 4nW (-54dBm)
Frequency Response300 – 3000 Hz
Modulated Signal DistortionInferior to 5%
Output Impedance50 Ohms
Receiver Specifications
SensitivityLess than 1uV for 10dB (S+N)/N
Image Rejection70dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection60dB
IF Frequencies1st 10.695 MHz, 2nd 455 KHz
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)Less than 10dB change in audio, Output for inputs from 10 to 50000uV
Squelchless than 1uV
Audio Output Power1 Watts
Frequency Response300 – 3000 Hz

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg