Anytone ARES II – AM/FM/SSB 10-Meter Mobile Transceiver with Software Cable


Featuring the latest technology, the AnyTone ARES II is an AM/FM/SSB Transceiver Radio available for purchase. Designed to meet a variety of customer needs, this product encompasses exceptional characteristics that can be applied to a wide range of applications.



A new multimode radio with a classic look. The latest technology inside it, but a retro facia with bright chrome finish and an analogue S-meter.

This radio comes standard as a 10 m radio (28.000-29.700 MHz) but can be expanded to cover approx 24.8-30 MHz in 12 bands including the UK 40.

There are many advanced features including NRC and adjustable echo. Many of these features can be adjusted using menus on the radio.

All the bands can be custom programmed with any frequencies and there are many other options that can be changed using the optional PC lead & software.

This radio now has improved firmware that includes being able to select 500 Hz or 5 kHz for the clarifier, full 5 decimal point programming to allow exact UK frequencies and ability to check the frequency using the LED display.



  • FM/AM/SSB mode
  • Weather Channel 150-170 MHz programmable (Optional)
  • CTCSS/DCS Code (Optional)
  • PWR, RX RSSI S-Meter
  • PC programmable
  • Echo Function
  • SQ, ASQ Function
  • RF Gain Adjustment
  • Mike Gain Adjustment
  • H/L power
  • Programmable RB
  • NB/ANL Function
  • Offset Function
  • Beep Voice Prompt
  • +10 KHz Function
  • TOT Function
  • HI-CUT Function
  • Busy channel lock
  • Monitor
  • LED Brightness Adjustment
  • SWR Protection
  • Voltage Protection


Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 28.000-29.695 MHz (Programmable)
  • Frequency Band: L band: A/B/C/D/E/F, H band: A/B/C/D/E/F
  • Channels: 40 channels (programmable) in each band
  • Frequency Control: Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
  • Frequency Tolerance: ± 5.0 ppm
  • Input Voltage: 13.8 V
  • Microphone: with push-to-talk / UP/DN and coiled cord
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 287 x 200 x 61 mm
  • Weight 1.75 kg
  • Antenna Connector: UHF, SO239
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C


Additional information

Weight2 kg