Alpha Delta AS-4BN Coaxial Switch


Introducing the Alpha Delta AS-4BN Coaxial Switch, a versatile and efficient solution for your radio and antenna setup.


With the capability to run 1 radio and 4 different antennas or 1 antenna and 4 different radios, this desktop console version of the renowned 4 position switch offers unparalleled flexibility.

Featuring N/Female connectors, the AS-4BN ensures secure and reliable connections for your equipment. The high-strength solder connections guarantee long-lasting performance, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your setup remains stable and optimized.

With its brass ARC plug, this coaxial switch also offers surge suppression capabilities, protecting your valuable equipment from power surges and potential damage. Rest easy, knowing that your investment is safeguarded with this added layer of protection.

Furthermore, the Alpha Delta AS-4BN boasts low-loss HF-UHF, minimizing signal degradation and maximizing your radio’s performance. Experience superior signal transmission and efficiency, allowing you to fully enjoy your communication experience without any compromise.

In summary, the Alpha Delta AS-4BN Coaxial Switch is your ideal companion for seamless and efficient radio and antenna management. Its N/Female connectors, high-strength solder connections, brass ARC plug for surge suppression, and low-loss HF-UHF capabilities make it a must-have for any radio enthusiast or professional user.

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