Alpha Delta DX-EE Dipole Antenna


Discover the Alpha Delta DX-EE Dipole Antenna, a remarkable addition to your professional radio equipment. Designed for optimum performance across multiple bands, this versatile antenna grants unparalleled connectivity in an extensive range of frequencies.


Crafted with meticulous precision, the Alpha Delta DX-EE is more than just a dipole antenna; it’s an epitome of engineering excellence. With coverage spanning 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, and 10 m bands out of the box, this exceptional antenna can also operate efficiently on 30 m and other frequencies from 17 m to12 m with an ATU.

Unhampered by limitations like traps or narrow resonant ranges found in conventional antennas, the Alpha Delta DX-EE boasts an impressive overall length of 40ft. Its elongated design ensures maximum efficiency and guarantees reliable signal reception – essential traits for any true professional seeking accurate communication within their domain.

Let us delve into its phenomenal capabilities that do justice to its esteemed reputation:

Wire Antenna Band – Wire Antenna Frequency:

  1. 40 meters – Experience the steadfastness at a frequency of 7.0 MHz.
  2. 20 meters – Immerse yourself in clear transmissions within 14.0 MHz spectrum.
  3. 15 meters – Unlock new levels of clarity when transmitting at 21.0 MHz.
  4. 10 meters – Enthrall those around you with seamless conversations through 28.0 MHz frequency.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg