Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch


Introducing the Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch, a high-quality antenna switch designed with innovative micro-strip technology to minimize signal losses.

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With a 4-port configuration, this antenna switch provides seamless switching between different antennas for optimal signal reception. The connection type for the antenna switch is UHF female, using the commonly found SO-239 connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

Designed for maximum performance, this switch has an impedance of 50 ohms, guaranteeing efficient power transfer and minimizing signal reflections. The switching loss is impressively low, measuring less than 0.10 dB, ensuring minimal power loss during operation.

To maintain signal purity and prevent interference, the Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch offers excellent switch port isolation. With a crosstalk rating of more than 50 dB, you can be confident that your signals will remain clean and uninterrupted.

For added convenience, when the switch is in the «COM» mode, all switch positions are grounded. When a specific port is selected, that port is ungrounded while all other ports remain grounded, ensuring proper grounding practices and preventing unwanted signal leakage.

This versatile coaxial switch exhibits exceptional power handling capabilities, with a power value of 1500 W PEP (Peak Envelope Power) and 1500 CW (Continuous Wave) within the frequency range of 0 to 30 MHz. Whether you’re transmitting or receiving, the Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch has got you covered.

Built with durability in mind, this switch is designed to last. It offers nominal performance through 500 MHz, with a loss of only 10.10 dB up to 30 MHz and less than 0.5 dB up to 450 MHz, making it ideal for a variety of applications across different frequency ranges.

Please note that the Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch is sold individually. Each unit undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that you receive a reliable product that meets your expectations. Upgrade your antenna setup with the Alpha Delta-4B Coaxial Switch and experience superior performance, seamless switching, and minimal signal loss.

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